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BMW Battery Maintenance

Date: Oct 20, 2023

Mechanic fixing BMW

Many BMW drivers never skip an oil change or a detailing appointment, but do you know how to maintain your car battery? BMW battery maintenance is simple, and it can save you from a lot of stress on the Portland roads! Learn more about your BMW car battery and common problems that might occur below, and be sure to stop by BMW of Tigard for your next service.

BMW Car Battery: General Maintenance

For the most part, your service technician will take care of most of your BMW car battery maintenance during your routine visits. However, we also recommend getting under the hood from time to time for a visual inspection. This will help you spot any warning signs in between visits, so you know when to stop by for an emergency visit. Here’s a brief overview of how to maintain a car battery:

  • Visual Check: A quick visual inspection can tell you a lot about your car battery. Do the clamps look secure? Loose or broken clamps can lead to battery damage over time. Does the battery look clean or dirty? Debris around the terminals can mean corrosion, which we’ll talk about in the “BMW Car Battery: Common Problems” section.
  • Battery Check: If you’d like to see how much life is left in your battery, get a battery check. You can stop by an auto shop or a dealership around Tigard for this quick service. A technician will use a diagnostic tool to tell you how strong or weak your battery is.
  • Replacement: Even with the best maintenance, car batteries only last three or four years on average in Lake Oswego. It’s always better to replace your battery a little sooner than later, so feel free to ask our techs for advice on a good replacement interval.

BMW Car Battery: Common Problems

You can count on the reliability of your BMW components, but it’s still a good idea to learn the warning signs of battery issues. Common problems like corrosion are easy to fix, especially if you catch the issue early.

  • Corrosion: Do you see blue or white powder on your battery terminals? This could be corrosion, which is easily removed with a cleaning solution. If you think that you have a leak, we recommend replacing the battery instead.
  • Slow Starts: Does your car take a long time to start up? This could be a sign of alternator or battery issues. If you notice signs like poor performance in cold weather or problems with the electrical systems, your battery is probably having difficulty holding a charge.
  • Low Battery Fluid: Every battery contains a mixture of water and sulfuric acid in a specific ratio. When this ratio is thrown off, your battery performance suffers. Check the water level indicator to see if your battery needs extra water.

Schedule a Battery Check at BMW of Tigard

Whether you want to schedule a battery check or a replacement, the service center at BMW of Tigard is ready to bring your BMW back to life. Contact us to learn more about our services or just schedule an appointment online!

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