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EV Charging Connector Guide

Date: Jan 26, 2024

 blue bmw 5 series electric model at charging station

Luxury automakers like BMW are pushing the envelope when it comes to electric vehicles (EVs). They cost less to own because electricity is cheaper than gasoline, and there are fewer moving parts with the electric motor(s). When you want a new vehicle for your Portland garage, consider an EV from BMW!

As an EV owner, you’ll need to know about the types of EV charging connectors to optimize your EV driving experience. Read our EV charging connector guide to get all of the details ahead of taking one of these new vehicles for a test drive on Tigard roads.

Three EV Charging Levels in Tigard

Electric vehicle owners can take advantage of three different EV charging levels, which we’ll discuss first in this EV charging connector guide. All of these charging levels utilize a different type of EV charging connector.

Domestic Outlet Home Charging (Regular Outlet, Level 1)

A standard, grounded (three-prong) 110V/120V charging outlet is the slowest type of charging. You could charge an EV in 24 to 48 hours using Level 1. It’s great for topping off your battery but not for fully charging it.

Installed Brand-Approved Domestic Charging (Level 2)

Level 2 charging is faster than Level 1. It requires a professionally installed charging device in your garage or carport. A Level 2 charging box can charge your EV in 8 to 12 hours, depending on the vehicle you choose. Your EV’s exact charge time depends on the battery size. 

Public Charging (Level 3)

Also known as DC Fast Charging, this specialized system delivers electricity to get 80% capacity in as little as 30 minutes. Due to requirements, this type of charging is not available in your home because it needs high-powered equipment separate from all other electrical sources.

Home EV Charging Connector

To get the most out of your home charging system, we highly recommend having a home EV charging box installed in your garage or carport. This type of EV charging connector has five pins (instead of prongs) designed to charge your EV at home overnight while you sleep. It allows higher amounts of electricity to flow compared to a standard outlet. Find a reputable, licensed electrician to install this type of charging connector in your Lake Oswego garage. Some manufacturers, like BMW, offer incentives to install this charger at home.

Combined Charging System (CCS) EV Charging Connector

A CCS connection is the type you’ll see at DC Fast Charging stations. These types of EV charging connectors work with many types of EVs, including BMW. You can find public stations with CCS chargers using your vehicle’s GPS or apps on your smartphone. A CCS public charging station offers two additional pins (seven pins total) to manage the higher electrical load going into your EV to charge the battery faster.

How to Choose the Right Types of EV Charging Connectors

Your EV manufacturer will determine the correct types of EV charging connectors you’ll need for optimal charging. Some brands have specialized DC Fast Charging options that can’t be used with other vehicles. A few automakers offer free public charging for a year or two as an incentive to purchase one of these new vehicles. 

Many automakers have relationships with home charging station manufacturers to ensure you get the best experience. You’ll get a safe and reliable system that is compatible with future EV charging standards that may develop over time as batteries become more efficient. 

Think about how you’ll drive. Will you utilize public chargers on trips far away from home? Will you commute a lot within a few miles of your Tigard home? Remember that DC Fast Charging will likely be more expensive than home charging, but those stations are still less expensive than full tanks of gasoline!

Test Drive a New Electric Vehicle at BMW of Tigard!

Ready to go to the next level? Our EV charging connector guide is just the beginning! Contact us, call (503) 828-0936, or schedule a test drive with our team. 

Explore our new EV inventory before you head to our lot. Think about a BMW iX, BMW i5, BMW i4, or BMW i7. We think you’ll love at least one of these vehicles for your Tigard lifestyle!

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