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The Role of Suspension and Steering Maintenance in Vehicle Safety

Date: Jan 18, 2024

Mercedes-Benz Suspension

As a BMW owner, we highly recommend bringing your vehicle in for service every 7,500 to 10,000 miles, depending on what your owner’s manual says. Your luxury, high-performance vehicle might need a tire rotation, an oil change, or new brake pads near Portland.  

However, you might not realize your suspension and steering components will need maintenance at some point. You want to keep your luxury car or SUV in top shape. It’s a BMW. We completely understand, which is why we inspect your vehicle at every service appointment. 

What are the benefits of suspension and steering maintenance? Read our guide to the importance of suspension and steering maintenance checks from the factory-trained service team near Tigard. We’ll also cover the car suspension warning signs in case you need to bring your luxury vehicle to our service center soon.  

What Are the Benefits of Suspension and Steering Maintenance for a BMW?

The importance of suspension and steering maintenance checks cannot be overstated for your BMW, especially because it’s a finely tuned machine. You want to keep your BMW in great shape for as long as you drive it, which is why you love this brand in the first place. When the suspension or steering is out of whack, you’ll know it right away on Lake Oswego roads because something feels…off. That’s why you drive a BMW in the first place. You love driving and driving fast. We want you to have a finely tuned machine, so we inspect these components every time you bring your BMW in for service.

The suspension system smooths out bumps in the road, helps keep your wheels aligned, and improves your handling on Tigard streets. The steering wheel utilizes pivoted joints to convert the turning motion of the steering wheel to the wheels that move your car in the proper direction on every corner, curve, twist, and bend in the road. 

So, what are the benefits of suspensions and steering maintenance? You can maintain full control of your vehicle anywhere you drive.

Car Suspension Warning Signs & Steering Problem Symptoms

If you see any of these five signs, we suggest bringing your BMW to our service center as soon as possible. You want your vehicle to stay in great shape!

  1. Tires hit the bottom of your vehicle or wheel well every time you hit a bump.
  2. You feel repeated bounces after driving over a single bump. 
  3. Your vehicle turns to the right or left after hitting a bump without your hands turning the steering wheel.
  4. It’s harder than usual to turn the steering wheel, or it takes significant effort.
  5. Your vehicle moves to one side even when you’re not moving the steering wheel.

Schedule Service With the Team at BMW of Tigard

Now you know the importance of suspension and steering maintenance checks and car suspension warning signs. We can make sure your BMW stays in top shape for as long as you drive it. Contact us, call (503) 828-0937, or schedule service with our team. We’ll happily bring your vehicle back up to spec.

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