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Top Electric Vehicle Charging Apps

Date: Feb 13, 2024

2024 BMW i4 Charging

BMW pushes the envelope in new cars and SUVs thanks to some of the best electric vehicles in the world. With four main models and more on the way, like the BMW i4, BMW i5, the vaunted BMW i7, and the zippy iX, you’ll enjoy the automaker’s innovations. 

The best EV charging apps help you plan your route along Portland and beyond, so you’ll never have to worry about range anxiety. Even better, BMW EVs get between 250 and 300 miles of range between charges. But you’ll still need to find public charging stations when you head out of town. The most popular EV charging apps showcase where EV charging stations are, the route to take to reach them, and any wait time for charging in Tigard and elsewhere.

Our team discusses the best EV charging apps that you can connect to your BMW’s infotainment screen. We’ll also answer the question, “Which electric car charging app should I use?”

Top Features of the Best EV Charging Apps

When sifting through the most popular EV charging apps, they should fit your requirements for local drives and long-distance journeys. Start with the My BMW app, geared to your vehicle.

See these practical features on the most popular EV charging apps available today:

  • Finding nearby charging stations and routes to take
  • Which stations have Level 2 or Level 3 DC Fast Charging
  • Wait times for chargers if they are in use
  • Costs of the charging stations, which may change depending on time of day
  • Kilowatts available, which can alter your charge times
  • Paying directly through the app
  • Monitoring your EV’s charging status
  • Reserving a spot at a charging station in advance
  • Charging and driving tips for maximizing your EV battery life

Some apps will tell you if you get a discount or free charging, like BMW’s free public charging plan for two years on Electrify America’s network.

Which Electric Car Charging App Should I Use?

When examining which electric car charging app you should use, you need to know that planning routes outside of Lake Oswego is crucial because you’re not in familiar territory. Did you know there are over 60,000 public charging stations in the United States? More than 8,500 are DC Fast chargers. They are strategically placed in urban centers and along major highways.

Electrify America

Electrify America provides BMW owners with two years of complimentary 30-minute charging sessions for two years. Take advantage of 1,000 DC Fast Charging Stations and 4,000 charging ports across the country. To cater to BMW and other luxury vehicle owners, Electrify America will build luxury charging stations as the network expands. If you join the Pass+ plan, you could get discounts and other amenities.


Reserve a charger ahead of time and get real-time charging updates with EVgo’s network. You’ll also earn rewards the more you use this network. Filter your search by location, charging type, and connector type you need.


This network has more than 31,900 charging stations nationwide. You can pay directly through the app, and it shows you charging stations from other networks. ChargePoint also lets you schedule charging at stations and track your electrical usage.


The main difference between Volta and other apps is that it shows you free public charging stations across America. They’re generally at malls, retail stores, and grocery stores. Free charging, usually at Level 2, is allowed for up to two hours. 


If you want to search every possible charging network in America, PlugShare is one of the best EV charging apps. It will give you the nearest one on your route as you find ways to fully charge when you’re out of town.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the do-it-all mapping app that can find the nearest EV charging stations to your location. It can also plan a route for the best results, to go along with other handy features like road closures.

Traffic Monitoring Apps

Real-time traffic monitoring apps are necessary for EV owners because if you’re running low on your EV battery, you don’t want to get stuck in traffic or bad weather while also avoiding accident sites and construction. This is useful for Tigard journeys when you need to find a charging station soon.

Which Electric Car Charging Apps Should I Use for Best Results?

We recommend downloading multiple EV charging apps to cover all of your requirements. If you’re ready to dive into EV ownership, contact us or call (503) 828-0936 to speak to our team. We’re happy to help in any way we can. Our team at BMW of Tigard can also help you take a test drive of a world-class BMW EV for sale in Tigard.

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