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Top Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Service

Date: Feb 13, 2024

Mechanic fixing BMW

BMWs are some of the most sought-after high-performance luxury vehicles in the world. That’s why luxury car aficionados love driving them on Portland streets. Keeping your BMW’s transmission in top shape is vital to its performance on every Tigard drive, which is why caring for this complex component is important to keep your new vehicle running smoothly. 

Read our guide to some signs your vehicle needs transmission service. You’ll understand how to know if your car needs transmission service and car transmission warning signs, part of how our service team takes care of you after the sale.

Your Transmission Slips

One of the car transmission warning signs is that the gears slip. This could happen as you accelerate or decelerate as you go up or down a hill. You could just need a transmission fluid change if you catch this problem early. Bring your BMW to our factory-trained team, and we’ll have a look!

Problems When Shifting

Rough or delayed shifting is, perhaps, the most obvious way of understanding how to know if your car needs transmission service. Your BMW may shift too slow as it switches between gears. We recommend having a service technician check things over to see what could be causing this problem.

You Notice a Sweet Burning Odor

Burning smells coming from your engine or exhaust always mean something is amiss in your BMW. We hope you never smell this odor. If you notice a sweet burning smell while driving around Tigard, it could be your radiator or transmission. Our team can determine which one it is before recommending a repair.

Rough Idling

Rough idling is very noticeable when you’re stopped at a light in Portland. A car transmission issue might be the cause if you feel vibrations in the steering wheel or pedals. Understanding how to know if your car needs transmission service is important because you want the repair to happen before the problem becomes more pronounced.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

A new BMW’s transmission is a work of art, science, and engineering. And it needs new transmission fluid every 50,000 miles or so as part of its regular care regimen. We suggest looking at the transmission fluid once a month to make sure it’s clean. New transmission fluid is a translucent red color. If the fluid is a dirty, dark red or dirty brown color, your transmission might need new fluid. 

A fluid leak definitely indicates something wrong, and you’ll see spots on your driveway or garage. The drops may be a red or brown color for a transmission fluid leak. Bring your vehicle in for service ASAP for any kind of fluid leak.

Poor Acceleration

Is your BMW sluggish when accelerating? A car transmission issue might be the problem. Hopefully, the problem is just that it needs new transmission fluid.

Engine Dashboard Warning Light

Your transmission or engine warning light showing up on the dashboard indicates a problem. The warning light, combined with other signs we mentioned, means your transmission needs service as soon as possible, which our team can handle. 

Schedule Transmission Service in Tigard

After reading our guide, we hope you understand how to know if your car needs transmission service. Contact us, call (503) 828-0937, or schedule a service appointment with our team for a diagnosis of your BMW’s issues. We’re happy to help in any way we can with valuable service!

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